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WHIZeCargo Certified Logistics & Supply Chain Professional

Logistics and supply chain is a booming industry, full of opportunity and growth. Without logisticians, manufacturing and other businesses would have a very hard time succeeding. Logistics keeps the supply chain flowing, which in return, keeps you employed. Logistics is definitely a field with limitless potential. Logistics careers pay well and there are job opportunities for every education level. Logistics is a diverse industry with a wide variety of sub-sectors, keeping your daily schedule both interesting and challenging. You’ll learn about many different industries and how they function. Because logistics has so many facets and levels, opportunities for advancement are always available.

Job Opportunities

The Indian Logistic industry is growing steadily led by e-commerce penetration, economy revival, proposed GST implementation and government initiatives such as “Make in India”, National Integrated Logistic Policy, 100% FDI in warehouses and food storage facilities. This in turn has generated a lot of job opportunities for logistics and supply chain professionals throughout India.

The International Container Transhipment Terminal at Vallarpadam which is expected to handle 3 million containers per year at full operational capacity and the International Cargo Terminal at Cochin International airport has seen an increase in the logistical activities in Kerala. This has led to an increase in the demand for skilled logisticians in Kerala.

The scope for Logistics and Supply Chain professionals in the GCC countries is huge. In UAE, Dubai has transformed itself into one of the world’s key re-export hubs. The Jebel Ali Port in Dubai which operates as a free zone is home to around 5500 companies from around 120 countries. The Emirates Airways based in Dubai has made a name for itself in air cargo transportation and the extensive facilities available at Cargo village have generated a lot of opportunities for logisticians. With the trend of oil producing countries such as Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Kuwait to branch out into different business areas have opened up a lot of jobs in the logistics and supply chain field.

Learning Outcome

Ø  Describe major logistics functions and activities.

Ø  Differentiate logistics and supply chain management.

Ø  Familiarise different modes of transportation and related policies.

Ø  Describe warehouse processes, systems, and performance measures.

Ø  Understand the Sourcing & Procurement function of the company.

Ø  Learn the documentation procedures in Import/Export and other related shipping procedures.

Ø  Gain financial and accounting knowledge used in logistics and shipping.

Ø  Customer service operations in Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

Ø  Learn to operate WHIZeCargo ERP for Logistics and Supply Chain.

Program Structure

It would be conducted over a 3 month period with classes from Monday to Friday. The program consists of theory and a mixture of practical oriented training.

Course Modules


Logistics & Supply Chain Management Principles


Procurement & Purchase Management


Warehouse Operations & Materials Management


Sea Cargo Management


Freight Forwarding & Transportation Operations


Air Cargo Management


Financial Accounting for Shipping & Logistics


Supply Chain Information Systems


Customer Service Operations for Shipping & Logistics




Delivery and Assessment

Delivery of the course would be through lectures by trained professionals. Lectures would be combined with practical training on specially designed ERP software to give students a deeper insight into the subject. This would also prepare the students for their future jobs. Students would be assessed through tests and assignments on a continual basis.

Placement Assistance

Placement assistance would be provided to the students free of cost. Our parent company develops Logistics and Supply Chain related software. Throughout the years we have developed a huge client base in India and abroad, particularly in the GCC countries. There are options for deserving students to be placed with the companies in India and GCC countries once they have completed the certification.


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