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      Corporate Training

Enrol your employees for our training in Logistics and Supply Chain to improve their skills which in turn can improve the Logistics and Supply Chain operations of your company. Whatever maybe the needs of your employees our program can be tailored to fit the requirements of your business with special attention paid to your core activities.

Once the employees have been given the basic skills they can build upon these skills which in turn adds value to your business. Improving the skills of your employees who form the foundation of your business would enable you to stay ahead of your competitors. Having a good knowledge of the field they work in allows them to improve the business processes of the company and other day to day activities.

Even the state of the art ERP system would not help your business if your employees do not have a proper understanding of the Logistics and Supply Chain concepts, in fact it can lead to problems that can cascade into other areas of your business. Our Logistics and Supply Chain training has been designed in such a way to incorporate practical training using custom built applications that replicate real life scenarios.

In this regard if the company is looking to adopt a new ERP into their business, the training of the staff by us would enable them to best specify what they require from the ERP. Our parent company has been developing and distributing ERP with Logistic and Supply Chain elements built into it for quite some time which has made us experts in this field in India and GCC countries. The practical side of the training is conducted with the help of this ERP called WHIZeCARGO (link to be set). If found suitable the WHIZeCARGO can be custom built to match the requirements of your company and the staff would already know how to use it.

The key to any successful business is repeat customers. And customers come back only if they are satisfied with the service you provide also called customer service. At WHIZeCARGO we have realised the importance of customer service and made it part of our curriculum. No company needs employees that keep making errors, it affects customer service. We ensure that that the staffs are trained adequately to get everything correct first time which is the ultimate goal of customer service.