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      About Us

WHIZeCargo Training centre was established as a result of our immense experience in developing customised ERP solutions for various Logistics and Supply Chain businesses. The ERP is known as WHIZeCARGO. Some of the industries we have provided solutions for include Freight Forwarding Companies, Warehousing/Logistics Companies/3PL,  NVOCC, Airlines (Cargo) & Airline Agents, Transport Companies,  Shipping Lines/Agents,  RO/RO Vessel Operators,  Distribution Companies and    Ship Owners.

One factor we realised after working for so many years in the Logistics and Supply Chain field is the unavailability of trained personnel to fill the available roles. As a result, we took it upon ourselves to provide quality training and placement assistance in the Logistics and Supply Chain field at an affordable price. In this way we are able to provide a service to the society by empowering the youth with skill sets required to obtain a good job in the logistics field and also offset the shortage of logisticians.

WHIZeCargo is the industry’s leading provider of web based ERP and supply chain management solutions addressing problems and opportunities across the entire supply chain, from strategic planning to facility design, material handling, transportation, logistics software solutions and productivity improvement programs.

WHIZeCargo Training centre and WHIZeCargo are ventures of WHIZTEC, where IT wizards work.